The World Inside is a lengthy, unfinished, rather continuity-messy world built inside my head. What can I say? I'm a world-builder, I've said it before.


Sophia gets taken hostage, and some guy called Ferrel holds a SIG-Sauer P228 to her head and threatens me. Over loudpseaker, I mention the Hostage Fallacy, then blow up a building, distract the guards, nick a gun off one, shoot the two guys, disarm Mr. Ferrel, take his gun too, then run off with Sophia. She's not impressed, seeing as the only reason Mr Ferrel got her in the first place was me.

Me and Matthew begin a long search for Her. I torture the shit out of a bunch of people. Turns out Sophia was involved. Summat to do with Russians. I break one leg with a baseball bat, a la Robert, then make an overdramatic speech about pelvic bones in women until she tells me what I want to know, which is where She is. We shoot the shit out of Mr. Ferrel and Co. and get Her back.

I get pissy, Matthew gets pissy back, and I shout summat back like "I did everything for YOU! You and HER! Goddamn you!", draw a gun, wave it about, and then leave.

Turns out my wife was cheating on me. I've got a walking stick. Matthew tries to comfort me, but I shrug him off, and just quietly walk off, limping. I always limp when bad things happen.

Other bitsEdit

(These bits don't fit into the timeline yet)

  • I'm head of the secret police. I bust up a load of counter-revolutionary rings,including a random one involving Alex Addison. Maybe I shoot her, maybe I fuck her, maybe I arrest her, maybe I let her go. I seriously go back and forth on this.
  • There's some shooting. I apparently haven't been needed by 'my woman' for a long time. It's all very 'no, she needs you, go ,go my friends'-esque. I shoot some people, Jack Harkness-style.  They give up just as I run out of ammo. Which is lucky for me.
  • We go and rescue Millie. Or maybe Freya. Once I think we tried to get this other girl, but someone accidentally shot her and I was very sad about it. In any case, two breaching charges, a revolver, M1911, SPAS-12 shotgun and MP5 later and all the bad guys are dead and Ollie gets the girl. I get a shoulder injury. It's totally legit.
  • The biplane plan. Oh, the biplane plan. Anyway, we crash it into some guy with tattoos, and then the girl is totally into Mr. Matthew. That's basically it.
  • Izzy Sharpe is totally my First Admiral. Oh, and I'm the Head of the Military. She has flowers in her hair. Fuck yeah.
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