She's rather attractive, is Miss Heraldry. Also Miss Hapsburg. Plus my fellow Guardian of the Cupboard. Oh Gods she's beautiful. Also 'Miss A' to some people.

Who let the dogs out?

It was Rasputin.

SPOILER: It was not Rasputin. It was moi aussi.

Unfortunately moi aussi is quite unable to aim well. Must be because I'm not wearing my glasses. OLLIE had that right.

Plus, moi aussi is totally unable to recouncile what isn't really the Madoona/Whore Complex, and is probably closer to the E/G Issue. And my Tarot cards claimed she was Cruelty and Power, which sounds worrying like some sort of dominatrix.

Shop de wop. She hit me a lot, flicked me in the face, then got shit-faced and kissed me. None of this made any impact on me. I am fucked up.


Why the fuck do the pretty ones always have to be out of my league.

And of course Mr Matthew isn't saying goodbye. 

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